Save £100s if not £1,000s when starting or scaling your business.

When using the PosPal Solution

PosPal is a mobile first EPOS solution that is designed to be easy to use and cater to all your retail needs.

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How will PosPal save your business money?

PosPal is a fully mobile designed solution. Saving your business money on investing and maintaining required hardwares. As well as saving your business money on combined software fees!

Potential minimum first year costs
£1,004 - £5,944
Mouse & Keyboard
Barcode Scanner
£70 - £190
Receipt Printer
£20 - £100
Barcode Printer
£50 - £370
Till system or Computer
£200 - £600
IBT stock tracking device
£150 - £270
£500 - £4,400

How Does PosPal Compare?

Here is how PosPal compares to the costs and services listed above.

Because PosPal is a mobile first solution, your business will require less hardware and software, therefore saving you a great deal of money in the long run!

Minimum yearly cost with PosPal
All you need with PosPal is
PosPal Software
Optional addons
Dual Barcode & Receipt Printer
gif showing purchase flow

How Does The App Work?

  1. Scan Products with the camera
  2. Take Payment
  3. Print/send receipt

It's that simple to use the app

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How To Easily Get Started

Register for an account with us. All you need is your name, email and password.

2Add your Company Details

Next use our company creation wizard to create your company. All we really need is the name of your company to get started!

3Add your Products

Add your products onto our system in different ways:

  • Import from an existing system
  • Using our wizard
4Download our App and start scanning

Download our app and start taking sales and printing receipts!


This is a list of our features but not limited to.

Mobile first platform
Barcode printing & scanning
Advanced stock matrix
Prints receipts
Product Variants
Product Variants Barcodes
Singular payment gateway
Prints barcodes
Multi users (employee usage)
IBT (multi-location/warehouse)
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